PSWA Speaker on The Mystery of DNA

The Mystery of DNA

DNA has exploded into the forensic world.   The FBI laboratory was the first to test evidence in forensic cases in 1988.   Most regional crime laboratories were unable to do DNA analysis prior to 1995 and the CODIS database of DNA profiles only started in 1998.   Now DNA analysis is so wide spread it is expected on almost every felony case.  But how does DNA analysis work?  How do you identify someone to the exclusion of all others? This presentation will discuss what evidence is used for DNA analysis, how the analysis is done and various ways it can be used in an investigation.   Although some science will be discussed, it is a presentation that a non-scientist can easily follow and understand.

Susan Connell Vondrak is a 27 year veteran of the Illinois State Police working in the Forensic Sciences Command as a forensic scientist, a training coordinator, a laboratory director and the head of research and development.   She has written two mysteries, No Evidence of a Crime and its sequel The Evidence is Clear.  Both books follow detectives working with the crime laboratory and the forensic aspects of solving a mystery.

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