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With the plethora of crime programs on television that purport to examine the reason serial killers walk among us, there is just as much confusion. Reed will examine serial murder through an analysis of the lives of known serial killers in the U.S and abroad. He will discuss biological, cultural, psychological and sociological frameworks as an explanation of serial murder. He will also discuss victimology (both victim, victims family and serial killer and killers family as a victim) and how this affects prosecution and sentencing.

Rick Reed

Rick Reed became a new member of PSWA in 2012. He has worked as an Army Intelligence Analyst, Korean Interpreter, probation counselor, pre-sentence investigator, and deputy sheriff, before serving 20 years as a police detective. He is a retired detective, retired criminal justice professor, and currently a full-time writer with three books published by Kensington Books in Manhattan.
His first book, BLOOD TRAIL, was co-authored and published by Kensington Books in 2005. It is a true account of Reed’s capture of serial killer, Joseph Weldon Brown in 2000. His editor, Michaela Hamilton, of Kensington Books, asked him to write a series of serial killer fiction books, and he was given a 2-book contract.

In 2010, The Cruelest Cut was published, and shortly after its release, the publishing rights to it were purchased by German publishing house, Weltbild, and Polish publishing house, Proszynski Media S.P. of Warsaw. The German translation was released in 2012 and the Polish translation will be released in late 2013. In 2011, The Coldest Fear, which is the second in a series of Detective Jack Murphy novels, was published. He now lives in California with his wife and two dogs, and is busy working on his next book.

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Patricia Gligor said…
I am fascinated with the subject of serial killers. In fact, I recently wrote five posts on my blog on the subject.
Rick's books intrigue me because he obviously writes from the perspective of someone who has seen it all up close and personal.
Hey, Patricia, you should try to come to the PSWA conference.

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