Review for Raging Water

This is what fellow author, Radine Trees Nehring had to say about Raging Water on DorothyL. 

I'm not so sure Tempe Crabtree was not--in another life--a daughter of mine. (Though, so far as I know, I haven't an ounce of American Indian blood in me.)   Throughout this series, written by Marilyn Meredith, I have come to think I know Tempe very well, and to care about her.  Isn't it nice, if I want to claim her as kin, that she is so intelligent, so compassionate and loving, and such an interesting person? I know, I know, she's not perfect, but wouldn't she be boring if she were?

Of course, as a deputy sheriff in Bear Creek, California, Tempe does get into messy and dangerous situations.  Such is the case in RAGING WATER.  What is so bizarre, and is nothing the author could have planned, is that I was reading the novel while Sandy was ravaging the east coast of the United States.  RAGING WATER not only gives Tempe the challenge of several home burglaries and two murders, but adds the complication of dangerous rainstorms and floods.  I read about the Bear Creek flooding, homes lost, people in danger, power out, then I saw the same thing on television.  Talk about reality fiction  (if there is such a term),  I was living it.

You will have the benefit remembering the storm problems you have seen on your television screen as you read RAGING WATER.  WOW, what an impact.   I recommend it highly.

Radine is the author of the To Die for Series-- A Wedding to Die for and A Fair to Die for and others, all wonderful!

Raging Water is available in paper and on Kindle and Nook.



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