Dangerous Relations by Marilyn Levinson

Arden Wesley returns to her home town because her cousin, Suziette, has been murdered leaving behind her husband, Brett Waterstone, and her young daughter Leonie. When Suziette’s will is read, Arden has been named as Leonie’s guardian. She loves Leonie, but there is a big problem—the girl’s stepfather, Brett, also loves Leonie and Leonie loves him as her father. Arden is torn because she doesn’t want to leave her good job as a lawyer in New York, but she also doesn’t want to take Leonie away from the only father that she knows. Of course it isn’t long before she realizes she has feeling for Brett and he for her—though nothing is simple for either of them.

Though the romance is the main part of the story, there is still the big question, who killed Suziette? There are many suspects and a disagreeable detective as the tale unfolds, Suziette’s indiscretions revealed and motives uncovered. While Arden wrestles with her decisions and feelings, she realizes she also is in danger with threats coming from several directions.

Dangerous Relations would make the perfect Lifetime move. If you like a strong romance woven into a compelling mystery, you’ll love this romantic suspense.

--Review by Marilyn Meredith

P.S. On different lists we're on people get us mixed up at times due to the same first name. If they could see us there's be no problem. Marilyn is young and most attractive. (Maybe it's not so bad that people mix us up. he he.)



Thanks so much for reviewing Dangerous Relations on your blog. And for thinking I'm young and attractive. You made my day.
Palmaltas said…
Super review! I can't wait to read it. I love romantic suspense.
Mary Ricksen said…
Great review! You both look pretty good to me!! :0)
marja said…
Good post and great review! Not very often you see a review saying a book would make a good movie, so congratulations, Marilyn!
Marja McGraw
Pat, Mary, and Marja,
I'm so glad you stopped by. Thanks for your kind comments.
Marja, maybe someone in Hollywood will come across this review.....One can dream, can't she?
Marilyn and Marilyn,

Good review and obviously a good book! I enjoy both reading and writing romantic suspense myself!
Kaye George said…
Thanks for the review and the post, Marilyns! I agree, the movie comment is a good one!
Morgan Mandel said…
Yes, I do believe this would make a great Lifetime movie! Lifetime is one of my favorite channels, along with Hallmark!

Great cover, by the way!

Morgan Mandel
Jacqueline, Kaye, and Morgan,
Your kind words are much appreciated. Gee, I wonder how one does approach the Lifetime Channel.

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