Happy 2013!

Do you have big plans to bring in the New Year?

I've celebrated the coming in of the New Year in many different ways.

Way back when my kids were little we always celebrated with root beer floats. Even though they are grown adults, grandparents themselves, they still equate root beer floats with New Year's celebration.

One New Year, when my husband was overseas, we had a big slumber party. All the neighbors' kids stayed the night at our house while their parents went out to celebrate. What was our big treat? Of course, root beer floats.

Later,  hubby and I celebrated New Year's by going to big celebrations with friends. One year on the Sea Bee base, another in a VFW hall, and lots of house parties, some we gave. Back in the day, we loved to dance, and every party included dancing of some sort--jitterbugging being our favorite.

Today, at this stage in our lives, we're quite happy to stay home and seldom make it to the midnight hour. We do still watch the Rose Parade though. We celebrate the day by having some of our family over for my New Year's day seafood stew with lots of shrimp and crablegs served over rice.

How do you celebrate?



Gloria Alden said…
For years my siblings and I would go to an "Opening Night" celebration around town with different musical and/or other type events in churches or other buildings around town culminating in a fantastic fireworks display at midnight synchronized with music. When that ended, we tried other similar events in other towns but they never compared. Now I stay home quite contented to quietly read alone and head up to bed at a reasonable hour. After all the activities of the Christmas season, I find this perfect for me.

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