My /Christmas Wishes to You

Christmas Traditions Change Over the Years

For the last few years, on Christmas Eve, we've been joined for our big dinner by our son, his two boys and their significant others. This year, we'll have Julius, a great-grandson too which made decorating a challenge--we put out only our unbreakable decorations and didn't put up our big tree.  We do have a small one that lights up that we've put out to enjoy.
We've decided for Christmas Day, we'll go see a movie and then visit daughter and her grandkids and check out what they received for Christmas gifts.

Merry Christmas! 

After I wrote this, things changed again. Our son was seriously injured while working in a popular nightclub. A lot changed. From a hurried trip to the hospital in the early hours to wondering what  the outcome might be. After lots and lots of prayers, he was released to come home on Christmas Eve. We had a smaller group, but it was wonderful to have son home.


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