Patricia Gligor interviews Olivia Berger

 Patricia: Olivia, please tell us a little bit about yourself.
 Olivia: Well, Patricia, I’m seventy-nine years old. I own the old Victorian in Westwood that was built by my great-grandfather back in 1863. I’m confined to a wheelchair and have been since my accident. I’ve lived in the house all my life and I’ve seen a lot from my second floor windows. I’ve watched the neighborhood and the people change. I rent out the first floor apartment and I’ve had some interesting tenants through the years. 
Patricia: I hate to bring up what must be a painful subject but would you please tell us about your accident?
 Olivia: Actually, I think about it a lot. I try not to dwell on the negative aspects because I’m basically an optimistic person. I guess you could say I’m an optimistic realist. What happened, happened. You see, when I was seventeen, I was madly in love with a handsome young man named Jeremy. My father, who was a wonderful man but a strict, stubborn German, didn’t approve of Jeremy so I had to sneak out my bedroom window to meet him. We used to meet under the old Osage orange tree behind the house. Anyway, the night of the accident I planned to tell Jeremy that I was pregnant with his child. It was so cold that night and raining. As I made my way down the fire escape, I slipped on the icy rungs and fell. By the grace of God, my baby survived but the doctors said I would never walk again.
 Patricia: I’m so sorry, Olivia. Were you ever able to contact Jeremy?
Olivia: J I’m afraid I can’t answer that question, Patricia, because to do so would give away too much of the plot in the Malone mystery series novels.
Patricia: I appreciate that. So, you mentioned that you’ve had some interesting tenants. I understand that Ann and David Kern and their two children, Danielle and Davey, currently live downstairs. Can you tell me a little bit about them?
Olivia: I adore Ann and the children. It’s so good to hear the sound of children laughing in the house. And, David, well, David is a good man but he has a problem with alcohol. I don’t mean to eavesdrop but sometimes I hear them arguing through the heat vent and it saddens me. I truly hope he straightens himself out.
Patricia: I do too. Tell me a little bit about your son. I understand he lives with you.
Olivia: Oh, yes. I thank God for Lawrence every day. He does all of the things around here that I’m not able to do and he never complains. He’s a wonderful son. But I feel so bad for him because he was born with albinism. His skin and eyes are so sensitive to light that he’s never really had a normal life. My fervent prayer is that he finds a woman to love who will love him because when I’m gone, although he’ll inherit everything including the house, he’ll be all alone.
Patricia: I’ll pray for that too, Olivia. I have one last thing I’d like to ask you. You told me that you’ve seen a lot of changes in your neighborhood over the years. What do you think about the recent reports of the Westwood Strangler?
Olivia: Oh, my! It’s truly terrifying! Everyone’s afraid to go out alone and afraid to stay home alone too. I sure hope the police find out who it is soon. I’m so fortunate to have Lawrence and a loaded thirty-eight caliber revolver. J
Patricia: Good for you! I’m a gun person myself. I’d like to thank you for spending this time with us today. It has been a pleasure.
Olivia: No, dear. The pleasure was all mine. When you reach my age, you don’t have all that many people you can talk to. 

Patricia Gligor is a Cincinnati native. She enjoys reading mystery/suspense novels, touring and photographing old houses and traveling, especially to the ocean. Mixed Messages, the first novel in her Malone Mystery Series, was published in April 2012 by Post Mortem Press. Unfinished Business is the second novel in the series.


The Westwood Strangler is dead. Or so everyone believes.
Ann Kern is busy preparing for her favorite holiday. She’s especially looking forward to her sister’s annual Christmas visit. But, several things threaten to ruin her festive mood.

The National Weather Service issues a severe winter storm warning for the Cincinnati area, predicting blizzard conditions, and Ann worries that her sister and her new boyfriend won’t be able to make the drive from South Carolina.

Then, a woman is found strangled in Ann’s neighborhood and everyone, including the police, assumes it’s the work of a copycat killer. However, when two more women are murdered in their homes, the police announce their conviction that the Westwood Strangler is responsible.

When Ann hears the news, the sense of safety and security she’s worked so hard to recapture since her attack on Halloween night, shatters. If the intruder who died in her apartment wasn’t the Westwood Strangler, who is? And, who will be the next victim?

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At the end of the blog tour, I will be giving away one copy of Unfinished Business, the second novel in my Malone mystery series. Leave a comment and you’re automatically entered to win. Please include your email address with your comment so that, if your name is selected, I may contact you to get your mailing address. The winner will be announced on my blog: on December 11. Best of luck!


I read Unfinished Business and loved it, Patricia. Olivia was one of my favorite characters. Thanks for coming to visit today.
Patricia Gligor said…
Thanks so much for inviting me. I chose Olivia to interview because she's one of my favorite characters too.
M.M. Gornell said…
Patricia, I really like the name, Olivia, and the name itself conjures up a certain type of person in my mind, and your character fits perfectly! Great interview.

Earl Staggs said…
Loved meeting Olivia, Patricia, in this revealing interview.
Patricia Gligor said…
Thanks, Madeline and Earl!
Olivia is, for the most part, a composite of several elderly women who were neighbors of mine at one point or another but she is a unique individual. My favorite thing about her is her positive attitude toward life.
Morgan Mandel said…
Sounds like Olivia had a rough time of it. I love the way she watches outside the window. It's amazing what neighbors know about each other!

Morgan Mandel
Patricia Gligor said…
Most of the elderly women I've known have done that - they keep an eye on the neighborhood by looking out their windows. They're kind of like a neighborhood watch committee all wrapped up in one person.
Evelyn Cullet said…
Olivia sounds like a character I'd like to get to know better. Looking forward to reading Unfinished Business.
Patricia Gligor said…
Thanks, Evelyn. When I drive down the street and go by the old Victorian that inspired my series, I half expect to see Olivia at the window. Sometimes, I prefer my fictional world to reality. Should I be worried?
I'm delighted to meet Olivia. (Love the name, by the way.) I can't wait to read her story and find out if she and Jeremy ever get together.
Patricia Gligor said…
Will Olivia and Jeremy ever get together? All is revealed in "Unfinished Business."
I love the element of romance that their relationship brings to the book. I hope you will too!
Joyce Lavene said…
Nice post, Patricia!
Rionna Morgan said…
Oh my goodness, I love that interview. Very good!!! Wow. I was totally drawn in.

Yay ladies!!
Patricia Gligor said…
Thanks, Joyce and Rionna.
Rionna, maybe you were drawn in because I know Olivia so well that she almost seems real to me. :)
Jean Henry Mead said…
You can't help but love Olivia and worry what's going to happen to her. You've sold me on the book. :)
WS Gager said…
Olivia is a great character. Such emotion and depth. Well done.
W.S. Gager on Writing
Jake said…
Sometimes your readers prefer places you have created to reality. Not to worry your books verify sanity. Thanks for posting.
marja said…
I really enjoyed the interview with Olivia! She's a wonderful character and adds something special to the stories. Thank you for sharing.
Marja McGraw

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