So What's Next?

Now that the blog tour is over, I bet you want to know what I'll be doing on my blog next. (Whether that is true or not, I'm going to tell you anyway.)

Through the end of the year, I have a great line up of authors who are coming to visit me to tell you about their great books. I'm also going to tell you a bit more about the earliest books in the Rocky Bluff P. D. crime series. The reason I'm going to do that is sometime after the first of the year the next in that series will be coming out.

I'm in the process of writing the one that will come out in 2014. I'd like to see this series continue because I want to know what's going to happen in the lives of all these characters I've created and have become real to me. For it to continue, people need to buy the books--though I seem to be willing to write for mostly the reward of the writing itself and hearing people say they like my books--my publisher would like to be making some money from my efforts.

I'll also be dropping in some writing tips--things come up and I know that other writers who are at the beginning of this journey might like to know.

And of course, I'll be telling you about what's going on in my family.

Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy your family.



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