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Ways to Make Your Settings Memorable

When researching a place that you plan to use in your next book, pay attention to details. I don't mean that you should make the description of a place sound like a travelogue, but there are simple things that you can note and put in your manuscript that will deliver the essence of the place.

Decide on what time of year the story will take place--or the particular scenes and find out what the weather is like during that time period. If the area is prone to hurricanes, do you want to add a hurricane to the story? Or a tornado? Or a dust storm? Or a snow storm. Weather can add a lot to a plot. And if you are going to use something like that, then of course you must do some research as to what goes on during an event like this. What do people experience, how do they feel, what do they do?

Be sure to include colors in the descriptions of your settings. Too often people leave color out. When I see some of the wonderful photos of skies on Facebook, I often jot down the colors shown in t…

My Book Launch for Raging Water

What a good time we had at the book launch. It was held in the parlor of the Springville Inn. The Bear Creek Inn in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mysteries is fashioned after this Inn.

We had a wonderful cake, three flavors, with a depiction of the Raging Water cover in the frosting.

Sheri Smith, whose personality is used for the character, Miqui Sherwood, was there and even signed books along with me. Many of her friends came as well as some others who are fans of the Tempe Crabtree series.

I talked about how the book came about and why Sheri's essence is one of the characters. We had a great time visiting and I answered a lot of questions.

When it was over, many of us stayed on at the Inn and had dinner together. So much fun! This is one of the pluses of being an author.


The Moroni Deception by Jack L. Brody


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