My Wishes and Hopes for 2013

I no longer make New Year's Resolutions, but I do have some wishes and hopes for 2013.

First I have some hopes and prayers for my family:

1. That each one will draw closer to the Lord and they'll feel his love and grace pouring out on them..
2. That each one will stay safe and be healthy. In particular, I pray that my son-in-law's knee will heal. And the same for my brother-in-law's knee.
3. That my husband will have renewed strength and less pain.
4. That my son will find the perfect job.

What I'm hoping for myself:

1. That I'll draw closer to the Lord and do those things that he'd have me do and in a way he'd have me do them.
2. That I will be able to do all the things that I've planned for the coming year, my writing and promoting.
3. That more readers will enjoy my work.
4. That I'll be a good example to those I'm around.

Whatever happens, I put my family and myself in the Lord's hands.



And I wrote that before my son was injured, so I'm praying for him to be healed completely.

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