Paying Attention to What's Most Important

That title probably sounds a bit dumb--but there comes a time when I have to pay attention to how I'm feeling. Stress started to take over.

I can no longer do all the things I used to be able to do and not feel pressured. Because of that there are some things I'm pulling out of, and I've said "no" to some requests.

There comes a time in one's life when it is necessary to prioritize. What's most important to me right now?

Number one has to be family. My youngest son (who is not a kid) has had some serious health issues from what happened to him on the job. (He was working as a bouncer and was jumped by several men and beaten, resulting in a concussion, brain bleed, other injuries, and blood clots in his leg.) My attention has been on him--of course.

I have a new book coming out soon, and there are some things I need to do for that. Fortunately, I planned a blog tour long before the family crisis struck, and had most of the posts written. I've been working on the PSWA conference program, fortunately, that's something that can be done in bits and pieces. All the main speakers are lined up. What's left is putting people on panels as they register.

Some other jobs I had have been taken over by others, which has been greatly appreciated.

Because I have a big family, something is always going on. Usually it's wonderful events, like new babies coming into the world, grand and great grands' achievements. We have two grandsons' wedding to look forward to in the spring.

I will plod along as I always do, making lists, finishing up projects--but I will slow down and not take on anything new.

One thing I do know, is I can't do all the wonderful things people are always saying needs to be done to promote a book today. I'll do as much as I can, and that's all.

When the time comes, and Dangerous Impulses is actually available. I do hope you'll take a look at it and see if it's the kind of book you'd like to read.


Anne Gallagher said…
Marilyn, I hope your son gets better.

As for doing too much, I came to that very conclusion the other day. I canceled my own blog tour for my latest book, and am taking the month of Feb off the blogs. I just can't seem to focus.

All the best to you on your book launch. Stay well.
This has been a particularly hard year for me. But I keep plowing on. Thank you for your kind words.

Patricia Gligor said…
I'm so glad I read your post. Since September, when my mother fell - the first time - and broke her hip, my "computer" time has been extremely limited. She's home from rehab now (after her second fall) and, since I'm her only caregiver, the vast majority of my time right now is spent taking care of her. She HAS TO BE my #1 priority. I'm doing what I can to promote/market my books but I only have one mother so I choose to focus on her care.
Michelle Perin said…
I've read Dangerous Impulses and it is so worth it. Marilyn you are an inspiration to many through your work but mostly through how you live your life. Thank you.
Mary Welk said…
I get what you're saying, Marilyn, and I agree that family comes first. Like you, I've been living with a lot of stress lately and have had to put some things aside for the time being (like taking down the Christmas tree, which is still sitting center stage in our living room!). Stress is a real energy-eater, leaving you wondering if you'll ever feel back to normal again. I look forward to reading Dangerous Impulses. I love your work, and you know Fred and I love you and Hap. Hang in there, girlfriend!
Patricia, I know what you're going through. Mom has to come first--after all she raised you.
Michelle, thank you for your kind words.
And, Mary, I do wish we had the stamina to come to Luv is Murder again. We had so much fun there and getting to see your home and Fred again.
I'm in awe of your energy and all that you do to promote your books, let alone write them! You are one amazing woman.
Because of my husband's long illness and death, I haven't been writing much these past eight months. I've one scene to write of my WIP and then it will be done. I'll get to it and all future projects, but you're right--family comes first. And we have to remember to take care of ourselves in the process.
M.M. Gornell said…
Marilyn, I so agree with Michelle. I send good thoughts Matthew's way everyday. Thinking of you often...

Madison Johns said…
You're a real inspiration. I couldn't do half the things you do. I have my own medical issues and trying to balance the meds. I'm glad to hear you're slowing down. We all need to take time out and do what's important to us and our families.

Last May I published my first book and I'm no expert by any means, but... what would happen if you didn't promote for a few days. Nothing. My bet is that books sell without us doing a thing. I actually tracked when I promoted and when I didn't. My book sold better when I did nothing. Crazy huh?

Take care sweet Marilyn and hugs to you and your family!
Evelyn Cullet said…
Great blog, Marilyn. And so true. Sometimes we get so involved in promotion, we neglect what'really important to us, because it seems like we never have enough time. Your new novel sounds like a winner. Just the cover alone is enough to make me buy a copy.
marja said…
Marilyn, I'm still praying for your son, and for you, too. What a terrible experience, and that's certainly putting it mildly. And, I was beginning to feel like a real sissy until I read your post and the comments people left. Now I know it's not just me, althoughit feels that way sometimes. Thank you for sharing!
Marja McGraw
Thank you, Evelyn.

And, Marja, now I'm sick and I'm sure it's because of stress.


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