Review of The Devil's Foothold

The Devil’s Foothold by Marilyn Meredith
(first published in King's River Life)

Review by Diana Hockley

When Deputy Sheriff of Lawrenceville, Lupine County, Jessica McGuire heads out for a morning jog the last thing she expects to find as she runs past the cemetery is the empty grave of a long-dead infant. Who on earth would want to steal what is left of the body? The condescending attitude of her boss, Captain Boone, who dismisses the discovery as not being important enough for him to mount an investigation infuriates Jessica. The Pastor, David Tanner reports the theft of the cross from his church and her neighbor’s report of
a missing baby goat can only add up to one cause: Devil Worship.
Marilyn Meredith dredges deep for this story of evil and her research is impeccable. Whether one believes in the devil’s work or not, the reader’s heart can only beat faster as Jessica and David follow what leads they can to discover who is behind an increasingly horrific series of crimes. The author skilfully weaves miasma into every page, as danger edges closer to Jessica and her son, Jonathon.

Well-written and superbly paced, there are no histrionics in this plot, just dogged determination on the part of the realistic and likeable main characters. I don’t want to give any spoilers, so I will just say that book is a must read and a keeper!

Diana Hockley is an Australian mystery author who lives in a southeast Queensland country town. She is the devoted slave of five ratties & usually finds an excuse to mention them in her writing, including her recent novel, The Naked Room. Since retiring from running a traveling mouse circus for 10 years, she is now the mouse judge for the Queensland Rat & Mouse Club shows. To learn more, check out her website.

This book will be free from Amazon on January 2 and 3.
 The Devil's Foothold



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