The Unexpected Happens

PSWA Board Meeting, Michelle Perin and AJ Farrar

Yesterday and today, I was supposed to be hosting the most wonderful author, Betty Webb right here. When I saw that I didn't have anything from her yet, I sent an email and asked. She had a computer crash. Once everything is back to normal for her, we'll reschedule.

In the meantime, things have been in a bit of a mess here as well.

Anyone who follows me on Facebook knows my son was seriously injured on the job and is facing some deadly health issues and having to deal with workman's comp docs who would like to blame what he's suffering from as something else rather than what happened while he was working. Things are happening, but slowly and I am grateful for all the prayers.

Life goes on though, and I spent the weekend at the PSWA board meeting. And work we did, from Friday through Sunday. We took care of lots of items.

Tim Dees, PSWA's guru.

A.J. and Nancy Farrar, Marilyn Olsen, and my stuff, note Blackberry.

Our reward, besides accomplishing a lot, was being in Ventura and having some great meals and fellowship at the same time.



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