Confessions by Wendy Bly

First off, I’d like to thank Marilyn for letting me visit her blog today. I’m really glad to be here! Now… let me tell you a little secret about something that happened to me while writing Confessions, Desert Secrets book 1.
I was almost done with the rough draft of Confessions and in a relationship with a man named Adrian. Things were going great between us. We had planned for him to move in with, he had asked me to marry him, and we seemed to be content. I had already written the scene where Chelsea faces Jordan for the first time after 12 years.
Adrian hadn’t moved in yet but spent the night all the time. One morning he got up as usual, kissed me goodbye, and I’ve never seen him again. He went to work, put the keys in the safe, and disappeared. He totally left town. I had no idea if he’d done something illegal, had a wife somewhere, died… I became so depressed that I almost flunked my college classes, and I didn’t write for a few weeks. I cried all day long for weeks.
One day (a few weeks after he’d left) something snapped in my brain. I finally remembered the scene where Jordan faces Chelsea. By then all of my sadness turned into anger. I ran over to my computer and rewrote that scene, infusing every ounce of anger into the book. I think it’s the best scene I’ve ever done…
From Confessions:
“Jordan, I’m sorry,” she whispered, tears streaked down her face.

“Stop saying you’re sorry! I’m tired of hearing it. If you hadn’t sold our baby we wouldn’t be here right now. We’d be home. We’d be happy. We would be a family.” His strong voice flung out as if a bomb had gone off.

“Are you ever going to ever forgive me?” She shrank farther into the chair.

“I have every right to be angry with you, Chelsea. Do you know what I went through when you disappeared?” He took a few steps toward her.

“No,” she said, lowering her voice. “I won’t even pretend I do.”

“I went through hell.” His fist banged into his chest.

“As if I haven’t gone through anything.” The words shot at him like bullets.
“You?” He spat. “What have you gone through? Missing your daughter? You, darling, chose this! I didn’t.” He stomped over to the window and looked outside.
She kept her legs curled up in the chair, as if it would shield her from the hurt she’d caused him. It seemed like they had come so far in mending the issues between them, now they were taking ten steps backward.
“Jordan, please.” She swiped at the tears trickling down her cheeks.

“Please what? Please forgive you? Please accept my daughter is gone? Please forget about my love for you? You might be able to, but not me!” He turned to her, his eyes blazing with fury.

She shot up from the couch. “Forget? You think I can forget you? Look at this.” She undid the zipper on her jeans to reveal the tattoo. “Remember this? I can never forget you with this branding on me! I can’t even look in the damn mirror without remembering!”

“I hope it haunts you like it did me for ten years.” His voice lowered but didn’t lose an ounce of anger. “I didn’t know what happened to you. I didn’t know if someone abducted you, or if I did something wrong to make you leave.” His arms crossed over his chest. The anger seemed to be dissolving a bit with each word. “I lay awake at night wondering where you were and what you were doing right at that moment. Every damned night, Chelsea.”

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 Author Bio: Wendy Ely is a contemporary romance author. She writes some romantic suspense, really hot stories, and the wonderful happily-ever-after. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her own real-life hero and her two teenagers.
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