Merciless by Lori Armstrong, a Review

Merciless is the kind of mystery that builds the tension on every page until you are forced to keep reading. The main character, Mercy Gunderson earned her skills during her service in the Army. She now works for the FBI and can’t share what’s going on with her live-in boyfriend, Mason Dawson, who is the sheriff of the town they live in.  When a series of horrendous murders on the nearby Indian Reservation are not only something she must investigate, the victims and the clues become a tangle of friends and relations. 

The author has created a unique character in Mercy and through her insights, the reader is given a view into the politics and inner workings of the tribe, the tribal council and the tribal police. The more she figures out about the murders, the higher the stakes and the more riveting the action.
Highly recommended for all mystery lovers.

Truly a gripping page-turner.

 Merciless: A Mystery
by Lori Armstrong
Touchstone Paperback/Simon and Schuster

(This book was given to me by Simon and Schuster.)


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