Most Clever Birthday Party

This past weekend one of the exciting things I did was to attend great-grandaughter Peyton's 11th birthday party.  My granddaughter, Peyton's mom, did a super job planning at putting it on.

Birthday cupcakes, Peyton, her dad, grandpa and mom

The girls in two teams went on a scavenger hunt and here they are checking to see who got the most items. (It was a tie.)

She was delighted with her gifts as you can see.

It was an outdoor movie, they had heaters around and everyone got a blanket. So much fun. There was a table with popcorn and all sorts of candy and everyone could help themselves.

And the movie begins.

The movie was "Here Comes the Boom." Great movie. I'd seen it in the theater, but this was more fun, the girls all cheered in the appropriate places.

Earlier in the day we went to Garrett's basketball game. I smiled through the whole game. 2nd grader boys are a kick! One kid skipped instead of running from one end of the court to the other. I didn't see any future basketball stars though they sure all tried hard. I'd like to see how they play in 3rd grade.


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