My Report on the San Gabriel Literary Fest

For a first, this one went very well.

The best part was seeing so many of my author friends all at once.

l. to r. Lorna, Marja, Marta, ?, ? Me and Sunny
Sunny, Marja, Marilyn, John, Marta, Lorna, Morgan
We were in an open corridor and you can see that it was very windy by checking Marta and Lorna's hair and how messy mine is too. (It was cold too as it got later in the afternoon,)

Marta introducing Marja before her reading.

Marta introducing Morgan St. James

What I liked least about the festival was when it was my turn to read--I had a coughing fit and had a really hard time reading my chosen pieces of my Rocky Bluff P.D. mysteries.

What I would have preferred rather than doing a reading is to have talked about some aspect of writing or publishing which I think would have appealed to more people.

Marilyn who writes the Rocky Bluff P.D. series as F. M. Meredith


marja said…
The names you were missing in the top photo are Augie Hicks and Eileen Obser. I had a great time and was so pleased to be able to spend time with you. I hope to see you in Las Vegas this summer.
Marja McGraw
Thank you, Marja. And I'd love to see you there too.
Lorna Collins - said…
Loved being with you, as always. See you in Vancouver next month and in LV this summer.
Elisha Mullins said…
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