The End of February and What's Coming in March

Can you believe that this is the last day of February?  Last month was busy as most months are. Some of it wasn't easy but there were many highlights. Best, of course, was getting to see my son in the brain trauma center and seeing that he is finally getting the treatment that he needs. It's been a long haul since he was injured the Sunday a.m. before Christmas. It took an angel (nurse) from the insurance company to turn things around.

My latest book came out, Dangerous Impulses, and I got to see it for the first time at the San Gabriel Valley Lit Fest.
Also visited my family down in the Wildomar area--way southern California--and was able to see the new home of my eldest daughter and her hubby--spent time with their kids and grandkids. Fun stuff!

I've spent some time planning promotion for Dangerous Impulses, worked on my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery--but not enough on the next Rocky Bluff P.D. series. I have to keep writing in order to have two books a year.

Looking forward to March--if all goes well and life doesn't interfere too much, I have a blog tour for Dangerous Impulses beginning tomorrow when I'll be visiting two blogs.

I'm also going to be flying off to Vancouver WA--well actually flying to Portland OR and getting a shuttle to the hotel where Epicon is being held this year. I am going to be presenting there on blogging and blog tours. On Saturday, I'll be at the Epic E-Festival, so anyone in the area who'd like to see me that's Saturday, March 16.

Most exciting of all, the last week in March, my granddaughter, her husband and their baby I haven't seen yet will be visiting. I am so looking forward to that. My granddaughter lived with me or next door to me for many years before moving all the way to North Carolina.

What are you going to be doing in March? Anything exciting? I hope you'll follow along with me on my blog tour.

F. M. aka Marilyn


Monti said…
Love your book covers. I did a series of paintings of martini glasses and enjoy the image. Good luck!

Mary Montague Sikes
Billie Johnson said…
Now that I am back from the Puerta Vallarta Writers Conference (where I was often introduced as Marilyn Meredith's publisher!), I am buckling down to finish the books due out in March. Last night I completed the first draft layout of Mike Black's new story collection, POPE'S LAST CASE and other stories. These are in the tradition of Nick and Nora Charles' escapades. Today Mike Befeler's THE V V Agency is on my desk, and many more, John Lindermuth, Joe Nowlan's next one, too many to name here. So, I better get back to it!

Billie Johnson
Patricia Gligor said…
I'm looking forward to your post on my blog. And, like you, I hope March will be a great month. We're finally getting close to Spring!
Cora said…
Two books a year? Your discipline always amazes me.
I've said it before, I love that new book cover. Just great!
Morgan Mandel said…
Meeting with the accountant in March to drop off our tax stuff and talk about it. How exciting is that!

Even more exciting - yuck, I got a Jury Duty Summons for March 18. Can't beat that for excitement I could do without.

Morgan Mandel
Sally Carpenter said…
My March plans: finish writing the next Sandy Fairfax mystery for release later this year. Lenten/Holy Week services at church. Whittle down the TBR list. Full-time day job. Feed cats. Set up a blog. Watch videos I bought months ago. Squeeze in sleep somewhere.
I love your blog design. Was wondering who did it and I guessed it, Blogging Bella. She does great work. Congrats on your new book cover.
Monti, at first the comments didn't show up. I love this cover too.
Ha ha, Billie, I love that your claim to fame is being my publisher!
Patricia, I'm looking forward to being on your blog.
Cora, two books a year is daunting, especially since I have a life to live too.
Morgan, still waiting for one more 1099. I'm old enough I don't have to do jury duty any longer.
Sally, I'll be participating in Easter services--Sunrise, sunrise breakfast and then the regular service too.
Hi, Rebecca, looking forward to visiting you too in March.
marja said…
My daughter lives in Vancouver. Wish I could be there. March is pretty much like every other month, write, promote, promote, write.

Oh, Marilyn will be on my blog tomorrow (3/2) and I'll be on hers. Hope you can all stop by.
Marja McGraw
Looking forward to visiting with you tomorrow, Marja!
Lesley Diehl said…
I'm barely able to get out one book a year. February was a busy month. We're looking forward to March when things will slow down and we can take a long weekend to the Florida Keys. Then it's write, write, write.

I'm looking forward to hosting Marilyn on my blog in March. I also love your book covers and am especialy fond of the martini glass.

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