TROVE by K J. Montgomery

Katie Walsh is an investigative mythologist seeking clues that could lead her into the very distant past and uncover the secrets of the mythic Norland. Alec MacGowan is an archaeologist searching for clues in the recent past in an attempt to bring a murderer to justice.
Anonymous lovers five years before, they’re re-united as their worlds collide when they are thrown together to decipher the murdered man’s notes and identify his killer. As the quest unfolds, they are forced to deal with their simmering attraction and hidden secrets.
Can they uncover the secret hidden in the murdered man’s notes before the killer finds them? And can they open their hearts to each other before it’s too late?
Follow Katie and Alec as they search for clues in their race to uncover secrets from the long past and their past while staying out of the killer’s cross-hairs.

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“Where Legends Come to Light!”

My heroine, Katie Walsh , is an investigative mythologist searching for remnants of post-apocalyptic Atlantis settlement in Scotland. She’s in London attending a professional conference when she finds herself in a situation I’m sure many of us would never hope to experience. On the verge of what she believes will be a stellar promotion, she is confronted by an ex-lover, a man she thought she’d never see again. So intent was she on sharing one night of passion, she insisted they exchange no personal information.  Her night goes from bad to worse when he informs he not only is he back in her life, he’s now her boss. He got the job she thought was hers!
Katie now has to fight for professional reputation as well as deal with her growing attraction to Alec as they join forces to solve a murder and prove her theories about Atlantean survivors are valid.

Join the adventure as “The Katie Walsh Mysteries” kicks off with book 1, “Trove.”


KJ, I love the premise of TROVE! I've added it to my must read list.
Virginia Nelson said…
Trove sounds fantastic and is currently on my TBR list!
KJ said…
Jerrie thanks for stopping by and please let me know what you think of TROVE. Feel free to leave a comment on my website ( once you've read it.
KJ said…
Virginia, good to "see" you. Hopefully you'll get a chance to read it very soon!

Thanks for your support!
JL Hammer said…
Trove is an exciting read. Lots of adventure, mystery, and romance.
LynnHolt said…
Very inventive premise. I love the Atlantis connection.
KJ said…
JL I'm glad you liked it...wait until you see what happens next!

Thanks for stopping by!
KJ said…
Lynn I hope you'll give it a try. Trove sets the stage for the subsequent stories in The Katie Walsh Mysteries!

Thanks for stopping by!

Maxine Davis said…
Wow. I'm hooked. New to Marilyn's Musings, but I'll be back.
KJ said…
Hi Maxine,

Thanks for stopping by. I love to "meet" new people.

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KJ said…
Marilyn, thanks so much for the opportunity. I hope your readers have enjoyed this glimpse into my novel.

It's been a pleasure!

KJ Montgomery
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