Update on my Blog Tour

Like Rocky Bluff, this tour has been a bit on the rocky side.

Some of the problems I faced:

When I asked for the name of my host's blog, I should have asked for the URL. Just putting in the name gave me some startling results. For one blog I ended up reading some love sick teens diary that consisted of more information than I need to know--and a liberal sprinkling of language I'd rather not read. I did find the proper one but had to make changes on my blog and some people never did find me that day.

One host totally forgot or misinterpreted what I'd asked for and no post appeared on the blog. A lot went on in this person's life during that period so I totally understand.

A couple of blog dates had to be changed--not hard to do--but it meant making changes on this blog.

One thing new, though I haven't had as many repeat visitors on the blogs on my tour, I've had a lot of new people I've never seen before. (I tried to find some people I hadn't used before as hosts and ones I know have different visitors than I have.)

And the question everyone asks, "Did the tour result in sales?" I won't know that until I get my quarterly royalty report.

Will I do another tour? Sure, why not. I think it's fun. 


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