What Has to Happen While on a Blog Tour

Besides figuring out the tour schedule, which means asking people to host you on their blogs with non-conflicting dates, there's far more to it than that.

When they tour starts, each day you must visit the blog and see if your post is actually there. Some times it isn't which means you have to email the host and give them a gentle jog. I always do my guest posts ahead of time and put in what date and time it should appear. (This doesn't mean that I never make a mistake--I have forgotten to put the time in which means whatever time I put in the blog that's when it will appear. Easily fixed, fortunately.)

Just looking at the post to make sure it's there is not enough. You should leave a comment thanking your hosts. The periodically during the day, visit the post and see if someone has left a comment. You should respond to every comment.

If you are having a contest, you need to take down each person's name who left a comment so that you have the names to pick from.

This is what I'm in the process of doing all month long.

I do hope you'll visit some of these blogs on my tour, I'd love to see a comment with your name on it!


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