A Selection from Hotels to Remember by Mary Montague Sikes

I was privileged to receive a copy of this beautiful book.

Besides entertaining and educational information about Williamsburg, the book focuses on the Williamsburg Inn one of the many Inns featured in the larger coffee table book called Hotels to Remember.

What is even more special about this book are the wonderful paintings of the hotel as well as accompanying photographs all done my Ms. Sikes.  The book contains many historical details as well as what the hotel offers today.

I have met Mary Montague Sikes (also called Monti) who is a multi-talented person who not only paints and writes, she also teaches.

Anyone interested in historical places, would love reading this book. It would make a terrific Mother's Day gift.

The book was published by OakTree Press and can be found on Amazon.com

Highly Recommended!



Marilyn, thanks so much for the lovely review of my book. Williamsburg is one of my favorite places!

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