Blue Bloods

Tom Selleck as the Police Commissioner on Blue Bloods

I am unable to stay awake to watch Blue Bloods at 10 p.m. on Friday nights, so I get the DVDs from Netflix after the season is over. (I do that with other series that I enjoy like Parenthood and The Good Wife.)

What I like best about Blue Bloods is the family interactions and of course, their Sunday dinners.

What I like least about Blue Blood is some of the stuff Danny does. He's always punching and slapping the bad guys and when he isn't, he threatens to do physical damage. Most of the exciting police work is done by Danny and his partner. How realistic that is for detectives, I don't know. Because he sees the worst of the worst and the results of what the bad guys have done to others, I'm guessing that's why the writers have him doing what he does.

I'm not the only one this bothers, one of my writer friends called Danny a thug. Danny is one of  "the good guys" and I'm not fond of what I think is a flaw and I think he'd be called down for his actions. Sure, if you have have to physically take someone down to subdue them, but is it necessary to slap them when they are being interviewed?

No matter, I'll keep on watching because there are more pluses in this show than minuses. Maybe it's not as realistic as some police shows--but it shows the heart of a police family and that's what I love about it.

And then there's Tom Selleck--need I say more?



Patricia Gligor said…
I love "Blue Bloods" too for many of the reasons you've mentioned. However, I have to say, I love when Danny roughs up the bad guys. In real life, would he be able to get away with all that he does? Probably not. But, on the show, he doles out justice and that always puts a smile on my face because there's so much injustice in our real world.
Maryann Miller said…
Also a big fan of the show, and Tom Selleck. In his younger years, as well as my brothers, there was a strong resemblance. I remember my father introducing me to the show "Magnum PI" by asking if I'd seen the show that starred my brother. Daddy didn't clarify. He just turned on the TV and let the program start.

Regarding Danny's character, I must say I like him. Like Patricia said, Danny doles out justice and that makes everyone feel good. Plus, we see the softer side of him in how he cares for his family and his fellow officers.
I think Danny might get in trouble for manhandling suspects--if not when he's interrogating, but out in the field with everyone taking pictures with their phones. I do like his character. And Tom Selleck in Magnum PI looked much like my oldest son, Mark. My mother said that every time she watched the show.

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