Dancing with the Stars

Yes, I am a fan of Dancing with the Stars.

Though my husband doesn't want to watch any other reality shows with me he enjoys Dancing with the Stars.

I've especially enjoyed this season with Ingo R (I can't spell his last name) on the show because he plays Jax on General Hospital. When a General Hospital star is on the show other cast members show up in the audience. (Yes, I watch General Hospital. I'll write about it maybe tomorrow.)

My husband is much better at seeing when one of the dancers makes a misstep or isn't in time with the music. He is a musician, sings, and when he was a younger, a great dancer. Not like what we see on the show, but he could sure jitterbug. (I'm sure he enjoys watching the pretty girls in their scanty costumes too, though he never admits to that.)

I watch and if I like how the couple looks it seems good to me. Of course, if they really flub or are stiff I do notice--I just don't see when the good dancers make a misstep.

I admire everyone who works so hard to learn all those complicated steps week to week. The compensation must be pretty good too for the contestants to put themselves through all that.

In our twilight years, one way of saying we're old, it's fun to have something like this to enjoy together.

Do you like Dancing with the Stars? And if so why?



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