Family Matters

Two big events are coming up in our family.

We have two grandsons getting married, one the last weekend in May and the other the first weekend in June.

The first groom is Nathan, our son Matthew's oldest boy. Nathan was a great kid and a wonderful young man. He is an electrician now. It took him a while to find the love of his life, Amanda. And she's perfect for him. Their wedding will be in a mountain retreat that is surrounded by old growth Sequoias.  I will be taking pictures. What's different about this wedding is it's three days long, with everyone staying in rooms in the lodge or cabins on the property.

The second groom is Gregg, the son of our youngest daughter, Lori. Gregg is a police officer in Colorado. His fiance, Caitlyn is also perfect for Gregg. Their wedding will be in his uncle's backyard in Montecito. I've never been there but hear it looks like a park. For those who don't know, Montecito is outside Santa Barbara and the place where many movie stars live. I will take pictures at this one too.

Weddings are joyous times--and also a time when you get to see a lot of relatives. Should be fun!



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