General Hospital

Believe it or not, General Hospital is another show hubby watches with me. We watch after lunch and I have to admit, sometimes we fall asleep. No, he hasn't always watched with me, it's rather a new fascination for him. Not because it's so good, but it is plenty entertaining.

The plots are wild and sometimes they are left hanging. People disappear--like Luke, of Luke and Laura fame, who has a couple of months off ever so often (it's written into his contract) at such times he's often off looking for someone or in jail in a foreign country. Right now he and Laura are off looking for their daughter Lulu who was kidnapped. When they find her, she'll be played by a different star. 

People get shot directly in the heart and not only recover, but it happens in a few days.

Others have died and come back to life--more than once. Ghosts appear and people can see them.

That's happening a lot right now because it's General Hospital's 50th anniversary and many of the old timers are reappearing in one form or another.

I watched way back during Luke and Laura's romance, which started with a rape, and then their magnificent wedding where Elizabeth Taylor made an appearance. Even my daughters were hooked on the soap during that time period though they preferred Dark Shadows. 

Recently, James Franco, played a most convincing villain with such great gusto we hated to seem his demise.
You could tell he was having a great time.

Of course a lot of the action goes on in the hospital and it's amazing what happens there--people walk in and out of hospital rooms when people are dying, sometimes a bad person is able to inject something into someone's arm while they are in their sick bed. No one seems to pay much attention to what is going on around them.

Every nurse was at the nurse's ball. I guess there wasn't anyone who needed tending in the hospital. The nurse's ball wasn't a ball at all, but more of a talent show. There was some real talent, but mostly it was just fun.

Someone is always getting pregnant and not by the right person, babies are stolen, love affairs abound, fall apart, are rekindled after years, a gangster is one of the most important players, people disappear for strange reasons and may never appear again. Interesting things happen in the police station, people are able to visit prisoner's in interrogation rooms, a teenager can help a prisoner escape from a jail cell, evidence is stolen right from under the nose of a police officer--and so it goes.

Outlandish, yes, but hubby and I keep on watching just to see what craziness the writers will think up next.

Any other General Hospital fans out there?



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