The Demonologist by Andrew Pyper

This is one scary book. 

It could be called a literary horror novel. In other words, it will chill you to the bone, but you’ll be compelled to keep on reading.  If you’ve ever wondered what demons are up to, you’ll find one man’s answer here. 

The main character, David Ullman, who is a skeptic of all things biblical, becomes trapped in a web of demonic symbols and mythology that takes him on a frantic journey. 

When he loses his daughter along the way, the story takes a drastic change. While searching for his daughter, he’s also seeking answers to many questions from past and future tragedies. This is much better written than other popular novels based on the Bible.  I must add though, that I hoped for a different ending—but given the mood of the book, I suspect it was the only one that worked for the author.

For anyone who likes horror that's a mix of realism, strong personalities, a totally different kind of villain, and glorious prose, The Demonologist is  for you.

(I was sent this book by Simon and Schuster with no strings attached or expectations as for as a review.)



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