Deadly Trail, the Prequel

Deadly Trail was the first book written in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree series, but as I reported earlier it was not the first published. It was later picked up by Hard Shell Word Factory, which is no longer in existence, but promoted the book as a prequel to the series.

This was Deputy Tempe Crabtree's introduction and also her introduction to the enigmatic Nick Two John when he becomes the prime suspect in the murder of the owner of the Inn. (at that time I just called it the Inn, it has since become known as the Bear Creek Inn.) Much of the story revolves around the Inn which is based on the Springville Inn, physically it's a bit different though the early history is the same.

Pastor Hutch makes his first appearance in this one too. Tempe and he are not married yet, but the wedding happens between this book and Deadly Omen.

And if you would like to hear a bit of a a confession, there is an earlier book that I wrote as a Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, but there was nothing in it about Tempe being an Indian, so I changed it including the location and the names of the characters. Another publisher picked it up and published it--and recently that company went out of business. I changed the title to The Devil's Foothold and it is available on Kindle. Though it has some great reviews, there are some mistakes in it. In fact, the preacher's name appears as Hutch once. If I ever get time, I'll take it down and fix it. Might be fun for you to get it and see how many mistakes you can find. No prizes for the most.



Paty Jager said…
This sounds like an interesting series.
Anonymous said…
So, where is the best place to get "Deadly Trail?" And yes, Paty, it is a terrific series! I have loved every new book as it came out.

(I hope this will post -- I have sometimes not been able to here.)
Thank you, Paty, I hope you'll try it.

And Radine, probably from the publisher--

(I don't have any more copies or I'd send you one.)

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