Do Your Write When You Are Away from Home?

This is where I was this weekend, hobnobbing with the Cental Coast Sisters in Crime bunch!

When you are off on a trip for whatever reason do you do any writing?

I know some busy authors who when they are even at a big mystery convention, will make their scheduled appearances but disappear into their room for hours to work on their latest book. I don't do that at a convention or conference that I've spent my money to attend.

While I'm there, I'm going to go to the panels and presentations that most interest me, hang out in the lobby or wherever people are congregating and visit. I love seeing old friends and making new ones. A writer's life isn't filled with many exciting events--at least mine isn't--and I'm going to make the most of the opportunity to mingle with people who love to read and/or write.

However when I'm on a trip where we are driving somewhere, I often brainstorm with my husband about things that are going to happen in my book and find out if he has any suggestions as to problems the characters might face.

If it's a visit somewhere that we have a specific meeting to attend or people to see and there's lots of down time, I'll take along a few chapters I've already written to go over. Though I won't sit down and actually write more--what I do is begin to outline what's going to happen next. I may even write a snippet of dialogue that pops into my head. Being away from home with no one to distract me or the phone ringing with requests of things people want me to do gives me time for some major planning.

It's also nice to just get away, have new surroundings--though I love being home--a change can be inspriting.

What about you? Do you do any writing when you're away from your usual writing place?



Patricia Gligor said…
No, I don't write when I'm away from home. If I'm at a conference, I focus on that. And, when I'm on vacation, I may gather brochures, etc. for reference to be used in a future book, but I don't write. For me, that's what vacation is: escape from my everyday life. I avoid computers like the plague!
Mar Preston said…
I live and write in the mountains in Central California, not all that far from Marilyn. But I also rent a room in an interesting house in Santa Monica which is what I write another series about.

I get my best work done at my real home. Here the noises are unfamiliar and I'm always half listening, looking for a reason to quit and go investigate. At home there's nobody to talk to. No good excuse to now. Oh, somebody's making coffee. Must go.
Betsy Ashton said…
On vacation, my husband and family come first. If there is down time where everyone is reading, I haul out chapters to edit. Not the laptop, but printed chapters. At conferences, I'm all about networking. I hang out like Marilyn where action happens. I make mental notes of snatches of conversation, how people dress, their accents. Anything that I might use later. When I get home, it's all work. And now it's time to get back to editing the final draft of my latest. Due to my agent in June. Yes, I'll make the deadline...
JL Greger said…
When I worked as a scientist, I thought my best writing, actually editing and reviewing, time was on planes. But as a novelist, I've done all my writing in my office. Your blog made me think, maybe I should go back to using my flying time better.
JL Greger
Sunny Frazier said…
I shed the shackles of my computer whenever I leave home. It gets way too much of my attention as is. I control my computer; it does not control me (but don't tell the Dell).
I don't write when I'm away from home. But sometimes I get ideas when I'm away from home.
M.M. Gornell said…
Great picture! Love seeing everyone. No, I don't, though I often think I will.

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Doesn't matter WHERE I am as much WHEN. My inner alarm and my muse join hands around 4:00 a.m. and they don't care whether I'm in Las Vegas (with daughter #1) or in Georgia (with daughter #2) or camped out playing cook-and-bottle-washer with aged parents. I just have to get up before they do.
Anonymous said…
Do I write when away from home? You Bet.

I travel several times a year for business, and pleasure. My laptop is a constant companion on every trip.

While flying, I divide my time between writing and reading, even if my wife accompanies me.

On vacation, I write at least three hours a day. Something I rarely accomplish at home. Business trips find me writing after dinner until bedtime.

Year after year I enjoy two or three long distance motorcycle rides on my Ultra Classic Harley-Davidson motorcycle. These jaunts last anywhere from five to twenty days. Each night I write about the day’s adventures and misadventures.

All-in-all I write more while travelling than at home.
asim said…
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asim said…
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Cheryl said…
I've been writing at softball practice lately. I'm sure I'll do a bit of writing while we're in Disney; though not much since I'll probably be tired from walking through the parks.
I loved hearing from so many of you. Once again, it shows how individual each of us are.

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