Planning Ahead for my Next Deputy Tempe Crabtree promo

Mundania Press has a form to be filled out after you've sent them a copy of your new book. Among other things, you must write a short blurb for the back of the book, a synopsis, and what  you'd like to see on the cover. Fortunately, my Deputy Tempe Crabtree series covers have been assigned to a cover artist who uses Native American designs in the covers. I'm hoping for something wonderful once again.

Spirit Shapes is the title of this book and the story has many spirits, ghosts and even demons in it--and of course several murders--one new and two from the past. I hope, somehow, the artist will be able to convey some of that.

Now it's time for me to think about what kind of things I should do for promotion of this book--and that's where you can chime in. Is there anything in particular you'd like to see me do?

Of course I'm considering a blog tour--and I'd love to have some volunteers--if I don't get any, then I'll chase some folks down. And with a blog tour, I need a contest. What kind of contest do you prefer? To have your name used as a character in my next book? Or would you rather choose a copy of one of the books in the series before Spirit Shapes? (I never give away the book I'm promoting because I'm hoping people will buy it because of what I'm saying about it.)

I love giving talks about writing, publishing, promoting and about what gave me the idea for whatever book I happen to be promoting--or the series itself. Anyone who'd like to come have me speak, (California, Arizona or Nevada please), email me at

Of course I'll be going to writers' conferences--next year both Left Coast Crime and Bouchercon are in California and I'm already planning on going--if I'm able and like my husband always says, "And the creek don't rise." Well, we do have a small river behind our house and so far it hasn't risen high enough to keep me from doing much of anything. And of course, I'll make an appearance at PSWA.

Any other ideas? I'd love to hear from you.



I'll finish it. I promise. Not for lack of interest! I'll send you a comment soon. (One more edit on deadline, then MAYBE I can get back to my own priorities!)
marja said…
You're always welcome on my blog, Marilyn.

As far as contest ideas, I always like the idea of using someone's name in a book.

If I were more creative I'd have lots of ideas, but instead I'll be watching to see what you do. : )
Marja McGraw

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