Where I am Spending the Weekend


Paradise Springs

One of our grandsons is getting married this weekend and they've chosen to have the wedding in a beautiful place in the midst of old-growth giant Sequoias. The area once was a logging camp which has been greatly upgraded into an ideal setting for weddings and other events.

I noticed the absences of any mention of WiFi or Internet connections so I'll be out of touch with everyone. What I do plan to do is take my iPad and use it to take picture of the surroundings for future Deputy Tempe Crabtree blogs.

You may not know it, but Bear Creek where Tempe lives and works though based on the village where I live is fictional. I've moved it up in the mountains 1000 feet for better trees, the kind of trees you see in this photo. There are giant Sequoias in the area that I write about and in fact have appreared in several of the Crabtree mysteries--and I'm sure that they will again. Some of these giants are located on Indian reservation land.  

Because I'll have my iPad, I'll probably take notes about the book I'm working on now--a Rocky Bluff P.D. crime novel, and I have books to read on it too. Then again, maybe I'll have too much fun walking some of the trails, visiting with new in-laws and the relatives that I already know.

And of course, the best part will be watching my grandson marry the woman he loves.



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