Time Out

Yes, I actually took some time out from writing and promotion.

I know some folks think I push on relentlessly--which certainly isn't true. I take lots of time outs. I work best in the mornings so that's when I try to cram in everything: answering emails, checking Facebook, writing, and even household chores.

After lunch, I really need time out. Usually I watch General Hospital which my husband and I think is funny. Nothing that happens is real: what goes on in the hospital itself would never happen and the same with the police station. People are shot in the heart and recover in a few days. Others die and come back to life. No one stays in a relationship for any amount of time. Affairs abound. People lie. Good characters become bad. The plots are outrageous and unbelievable.

Hubby and I laugh.

But there are some great actors on this soap--though I wonder how they can keep a straight face. The villains are the best. Oh, do they know how to milk a scene. One of the most fund times to watch was when the actor James Franco placed a horrible bad guy named Franco. He was fantastic, but he was killed. But guess what? The character has come back to life and is now played by someone else--who not long ago was another character. His hair is dyed but he still looks the same. Fortunately, he's a good actor too, sort of over the top and funny.

But, as I do so many times, I digress. By the time this is over I usually go back to the computer, maybe some writing or answering emails. I cook dinner and we eat. After the kitchen is tidied we almost always watch a Netlix movie. Right now we're watching last season's Downton Abbey. I might watch or try to watch something else on TV, but usually I do this in bed and I fall asleep. By 4:30 or 5 a.m. I'm up and at it again.

Once a week, hubby and I try to go to the movies and have lunch out. We go to church on Sunday.

Yes, I know, rather boring.

This past week we spent with our eldest daughter and her hubby in Murrieta and had a great time. Went to a car show, had a great meal in an Irish pub and saw our great-granddaughter doing Irish dances. We spent a lot of time with granddaughter and her family and some with grandson and his. We went to the movies and saw Superman, had lunch at a 50s diner, watched movies on TV, played Estimation with the grandkids and great-grands, went to frozen yogurt bar for lunch--lots of flavors of frozen yogurt and toppings, and we shopped. Didn't write one thing. (I confess I was on my iPad checking and answering emails and looking at Facebook, but did that early in the a.m. before anyone was up.)

I'm a firm believer that we all need time out every so often to revive us.

What do you do for time out?



Patricia Gligor said…
Great topic, Marilyn! Yes, we all occasionally need a "time out." Sometimes, it's from writing/promoting and, other times, it's from our daily "life" routine. Sometimes, it's both. We all know about "all work and no play."
I love to travel and, when it's possible, I do. I always come back refreshed and glad to be home. Sometimes, even a day trip does the trick!
Janet Greger said…
I always take a time out after I complete a big step in a project. this time I painted my office.
JL Greger
Madison Johns said…
Sounds like most of us. I spend some time online and writing if I'm in the mood and then go offline to interact with the family. We go to movies, nature walks, watch some TV or just sit and talk. Right now I'm on a writing hiatus. I just feel like I need time away for awhile. Thanks for sharing part of your life Marilyn.
Anonymous said…
I consider writing to be my job, so I attempt to give it all my time and energy. Because it's my job, I try to avoid it. My best evasion is getting on my Harley and riding. If I’m on an overnighter, I work on my blog for an hour or two. I just finished a twelve day ride. I made plenty of blog posts, but wrote not one word of prose. I will be back at it in the morning.
Billie Johnson said…
Yes, this is a great topic. I have some things I like to do for breaks...first, my cat Frida likes to be adored often, so when she hops up on the desk, I give her some adoration.

And when I am feeling overloaded and not sure what to do next, I like to play Mah Jong. That game shifts me away from the book biz like almost nothing else, and revs up my competitive side.

And if I want a longer, more soothing break, I rev up THE BEAST and drive out to our lake, which is lovely any time of year and usually deserted in the mid-day. In nice weather, I like to drive out on the breakwater at the marina and feed the ducks. Last week I saw a heron!

Billie Johnson
I consider writing my job too, but never want to avoid it--but there are times when I just need to do something else.

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