Weddings, My How They've Changed

We had two family weddings back-to-back. The first was my grandson Nathan and his new wife Amanda. (He's my youngest son's oldest child.) The second was my grandson Gregg and his new wife Caitlin. (He's my youngest daughter's middle son.)

I couldn't help but reflect on how different these wedding were than the ones I helped plan for my girls. We were so poor that we did almost everything ourselves. First daughter even made her own wedding dress and we picked all the flowers out of our neighbors yards. (With their permission, of course.) I prepared and served all the food for the reception which was held in our back yard.  For the next one down, the wedding was smaller but again, I prepared all the food for the reception which was served in our family room. Youngest daughter did her own wedding planning, but again, I prepared all the food this time served in eldest daughter's backyard. For my youngest son's first wedding, again I prepared all the food for the reception which was held in our patio. For oldest son who married in Vegas, prepared the food for the reception at our house.

Nathan and Amanda's wedding was a grand affair held in the middle of a forest--wonderful lodge with many cabins and the wedding party (including us) stayed there for two nights and three days. Everything was beautiful! And such wonderful food--thanks to the bride's father, a master chef whose students helped out.

And now they are in Fiji enjoying their honeymoon.

And the next wedding was grandson Gregg's and his Caitlin. Gregg and Caitlin live in Aspen CO, but most of the family and friends live in California. (Not all, some came from Aspen and other states, including his brother and sister in law from WA.) This wedding was held in Gregg's uncle and aunt's backyard in beautiful Montecito (next to Santa Barbara, home of many celebrities.) It looked like a tropical oasis.

Again, wonderful food catered by Wood Ranch.

So much fun at both wonderful events seeing many relatives! Loved it.

And now this happy couple is on their way to Kauai.

Wishing the most wonderful future for Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Meredith and Mr. and Mrs. Gregg Cole.

(And now, perhaps, I can get back to the business of writing.)



Heather Haven said…
Weddings have changed, indeed. I made my own wedding dress and veil. My maid-of-honor made the bouquets. There's nothing like the 'personal touch' at a wedding, but if the catering service could do that for the happy couple, that's wonderful! I would have liked to have sampled your fare, however, food made with love!
Madison Johns said…
How beautiful. Thanks for sharing!
Cindy Sample said…
There seems to be a trend for destination weddings these days. And knowing you, Marilyn, I see a new plot percolating in that very active brain of yours. Thanks for sharing your memories and photos with us.
Morgan Mandel said…
Lovely pics!

Aren't you lucky to now have a master chef in the family!

Morgan Mandel
Kathy Bennett said…
Well, if you've got to stop writing, those are darn good reasons for doing so!

Both weddings look like they were beautiful affairs...each in their own way.

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