Working on the PSWA Conference

It's almost time for the PSWA Conference to begin.

As usual, there have been a few blips.

The biggest one this year was having one of my keynote speakers having to cancel. Certainly not his fault, family emergencies happen to all of us. Fortunately, one of our members was willing to step in and fill his spot.

We have more people coming than ever before--57 as of today. Some signed up at the last minute. Not a problem unless they'd like to be on a panel which took some juggling.

This was the last day for anyone to send their information and pictures in to be in the program book. Anyone else is out of luck. Of course we've sent out reminders.

What I've learned is that not everyone checks/reads their email in a timely manner. This ought to be a priority for anyone who is in the business of selling their own books.

This is my last year to be in charge of the program for the PSWA conference. My own choice because I think I am getting too old and it's time for someone else to get the experience.

I'm proud of what I've done. When we started right after the reorganization of the Public Safety Writers Association, we had 12 people come to that first conference. For the next one, 16 attended. Then into the 20s and the numbers steadily climbed.

I wanted to make it like some of the better writers' conferences I'd attended over the years and with some similarities to mystery conventions. I wanted it to appeal to writers who had law enforcement backgrounds and wanted to improve their writing skills, and to mystery writers who wanted to learn more about the ins and outs of law enforcement.

My goal was to have a good balance between learning more about writing and about law enforcement.
We've had some great panels and speakers on both subjects.

I'm ready to turn over my conference chair to someone else.

It's been a fun job and I'm proud of what I've done. And I'm looking forward to enjoying my last conference as the chairperson.



Melissa Keir said…
I hope the conference goes well. There's nothing like putting your heart into creating something, even a good conference.
marja said…
You should be proud of yourself, Marilyn! You've done an outstanding job. I'm looking forward to this conference.
Marja McGraw

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