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Are your writing problems: wine, waste paper, or manure?

Authors wear at least three hats – writer, publicist, and business executive. Instead of investing time and money in another seminar on how to manage your time more effectively, consider reading Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight. Don’t shake your head no, keep reading!

Set priorities In Chapter One of Murder: A New Way to Lose Weight, Linda Almquist receives this advice on setting priorities when she begins a new job.
“There are three types of problems. A few problems are like wine; those situations improve if you delay decisions and let them age. Most problems are like waste paper. You can ignore them because they don’t matter. Unfortunately like waste paper, they tend to be messy when they pile up. And some problems are like manure. You must identify them quickly before they stink.”
Most of us are so swamped by our “waste paper” problems, that we ignore the “manure problems.” For example, I dribble away my time agonizing over the position of pictures in blogs and the color of the backgr…

Here I go Again!

Yes, I'm planning another blog tour. I forgot how hard it is.

This one is for my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, Spirit Shapes. According to what I've been reading on different author lists, unless an author is a big name, they might as well forget trying to get a buzz for a coming book before the book is published.

That's not what I'm doing here. My blog tour won't be going on until the book is available. However, in order to get the tour set up I have to begin now. I have to find 30 bloggers willing to host me for a day. I'm almost there, have on four empty days. Of course this meant emailing people and asking if they are willing. Some of the likely candidates were people who have been guests on my blog. Surprisingly, some of them don't have blogs.

Of course keeping track of all this is also important, I need to have the date and the person, the URL for their blog, their email address to send the blog post when it's ready, and if they have somethi…

The Rowling Experiment


Dynamics of Change by Cindy Carroll


Going in Several Directions at Once

This seems to be the way I operate all the time.

I've finished with my big job of putting together the Public Safety Writers Association's conference program. I will still be around to "back-up" my replacement, Mike Black. (Nothing like having an 80 year old woman as your back-up--will certainly be different for Mike.)

I'm nearly finished with a paid job--it is writing, but of a different kind--putting together a program design for a new residential facility. And there is another looming in the near future.

I spent quite a bit of time updating a book I got the rights back to when the publisher closed her doors. And was surprised at how many mistakes were in it--even wrong names. Amazing since I won a prize with that book. When it comes out again, it will have a new name.

We're had lots of company and celebrations. My granddaughter and her family are back in California and visiting every weekend. Love seeing and playing with our great-granddaughter. And a grea…

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