Here I go Again!

Yes, I'm planning another blog tour. I forgot how hard it is.

This one is for my next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery, Spirit Shapes. According to what I've been reading on different author lists, unless an author is a big name, they might as well forget trying to get a buzz for a coming book before the book is published.

That's not what I'm doing here. My blog tour won't be going on until the book is available. However, in order to get the tour set up I have to begin now. I have to find 30 bloggers willing to host me for a day. I'm almost there, have on four empty days. Of course this meant emailing people and asking if they are willing. Some of the likely candidates were people who have been guests on my blog. Surprisingly, some of them don't have blogs.

Of course keeping track of all this is also important, I need to have the date and the person, the URL for their blog, their email address to send the blog post when it's ready, and if they have something special they want me to write.

Next, is writing all of the posts. It's important that each one be different, because I have a contest going with the tour and the winner will be the person who writes a comment on the most blog sites. I don't want anyone to be bored reading the posts. This takes a lot of time.

I have to wait until I get a .jpg of the cover before I can send the posts off. I'm also hoping to have some new photos of me to send along too.

Once the tour begins, I have to check and make sure the posts are up and then that day keep coming back to respond to a keep track of any comments.

Do I think a tour helps with sales? That's hard to judge.  Of course I have to think it does since it is a lot of work.


Mary Welk said…
Marilyn, I would love to have you post on my blog if you still have a free day. Just let me know, okay? :)
ainaa khan said…
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Thanks, Mary, you're a sweetheart.

Ainaa, thank your for stopping by and leaving a comment.

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