Homeland Security--How Safe Are We?

These are the notes I took from this panel at the PSWA Conference.

We are worse off than before 9/11 because there are too many agencies. No one reacts to the information we have. People in the different organizations don't want to share.

There are 72 fusion centers (FBI, police chiefs etc.), but information never gets sent to the local police officers.

Relying on technology and not on human nature.

In Israel, they look for the bombers, not for the bomb.

Everyone agreed that no one is good about sharing information--turf wars. Lower levels do share. Spending lots of money on computer systems when not effective at sharing information. Can't use gender, sex or ethnic groups. There is a disregard for public safety.

Too much money is thrown after the wrong things. The human element must be applied. Must be pushed toward behavorial analysis, not things.

Airport security in the US. TSA employees receive minimum wage. The wrong person is doing the job. Directors were chosen who know nothing about airports. Needs to be a balance between liberty and security.

NSA amassing information, but unless it is analyzed it's useless to prevent anything.

Human intelligence is the best intelligence. Human observation.

This wasn't all that reassuring.


Morgan Mandel said…
Throwing money around instead of fixing what we have already. That happens a lot in my broke state of Illinois.
M.M. Gornell said…
This was a real interesting panel. Makes you wonder and think.


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