More Bitter Than Death, A Review

Celebrating the Fourth with a Book Review:

This is the second book in this Swedish psychological mystery series by Camilla Grebe and Asa Traff centered around Siri Bergman.

It begins with a horrific scene: Five-year-old Tilde is under the table drawing pictures with her crayons. An unknown man enters and kicks her mother to death.

Siri, along with her friend and fellow psychologist Aina begin hosting a self-help group for victims of domestic abuse. As the story progresses, the women in the group reveal more and more of what they have suffered at the hands of those they loved. At the same time, Siri has her own clients to work with.

When Siri learns she is pregnant with her lover's child, she has her own challenges and fears to face. Despite all that, she begins to see that all the complicated threads of the women she is working with somehow are woven together.

My big criticism with the first book was that Siri was as much a victim as many of her clients. In this book, though beset with huge difficulties and against all odds, Siri comes through as the heroine. This was an engrossing mystery and kept me turning the pages and I particularly liked seeing Siri grow and change.

I highly recommend More Bitter Than Death.



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