PSWA Conference and Murphy's Law

What can go wrong will? And it's never what you expect, right?

While  still at my sister's received an email that an important member of the board and our tech expert had his flights cancelled and didn't think he could arrive until Friday evening. A couple of the presentations need power point which he has and is all arranged. This stuff is beyond me. Plus a vital piece of equipment couldn't be found so needed to rented and was. I'm counting on much smarter people than me to figure all of this out.

Registration went smoothly. Got to hug a lot of old friends and meet some new folks. One thing about this group,  people jump in and help where needed.

Our reception was great. I had fun going around and yakking with everyone.

What I didn't do was take pictures and I don't think anyone else did either.

This a.m., after breakfast, I'll head up to the conference room and with several helpers--including the great father and son duo of the Robert Haigs--will get the books unpacked and set up on the book tables. These are the books that people sent to our secretary who lives in Vegas--plus those who will be bringing them in this a.m.

The conference begins right at 9 a.m. We still have a few people who haven't registered. Looking forward to seeing them too.

More  tomorrow.



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