A Murder Amongst Angels by Tony Piazza.

I'm fortunate enough to have met Tony through the Central Coast Chapter of Sisters in Crime. He's now the president of the chapter. His latest book is now out and I think it has one of the best covers I've seen in a long time. I'm reading the book now and it reminds me a lot of the detective novels of the '40s and '50s.

I asked Tony what inspired Murder Amongst Angels and he gave me this answer:

"I had received numerous requests to bring my detective, Tom Logan back. In contemplating what kind of story I could weave around him to mark his return, I hit upon a real life mystery that had fascinated me for some time. In the 90s I saw a film called "Hot Toddy" based upon the 1935 death of actress/ comedienne Thelma Todd. The mystery haunted me. It had all the ingredients for a good story...gangsters, dishonest politicians, crooked cops, beautiful platinum blonde found dead under suspicious circumstances, and the smell of cover-up. Taking all these ingredients, placing them in a hat, and stirring them around with the magic wand of imagination I came up with the mystery, thriller, A Murder Amongst Angels."  

 About A Murder Amongst Angels:

Sexy, platinum blonde movie siren, Gertrude Hurd had it all- fame, men, and riches. But now she was dead. A fallen angel, whose broken body and tarnished halo was lying on a hillside behind her beach front cafĂ©. It’s 1931, and private detective Tom Logan is back, once again immersed in a perplexing mystery, that has him racing against time to track down a merciless killer. As the body count grows, so do the suspects, as his investigation soon has him bucking against corrupt city officials, the mob, and the Hollywood studio system. 

Tony Piazza Bio:

Tony Piazza is a mystery writer, film historian, and veteran storyteller renowned for his passion for writing and movies. He is the author of three mystery novels and a non-fiction work. Actor and stand-in for movies and television, Piazza has appeared in such notable films as Magnum Force and The Streets of San Francisco. From Clint Eastwood to Steve McQueen, Piazza’s stories read like a who’s who of Hollywood. He is also a member of Sisters in Crime and SLO NightWriters.

Tony’s books are available on Amazon, and Barnes & Noble websites. Also e-book format for Kindle.


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