Cup of Demons, Christian Horror

What a surprise! I had no idea this one was available yet.

If you like to read really scary books with a surprising ending--you'll love Cup of Demons.

This is the first time I've seen the cover too--and I think it fits.

I broke a big writing rule with this book, there is a family whose female members have names beginning with M. And no, you won't get confused. There is a reason for it.

The story begins with Maginel as a little girl listening to her great Aunt Magda telling how her mother died. It's a tale she'd heard often and doesn't realize how much that old story will affect her own life.

I do hope some of you will try this tale.



Anonymous said…
I read part of the sample at Amazon. Looks good and I am interested. Although I have a Kindle, I use it mostly for research-type reading. I prefer paperback for leisure reading. I wish I could go ahead and buy the book but finances is quite tight at the moment. After it's had its rounds as a new book I'll see if there's any used books available.
This will only be on Kindle and other e-book outlets.

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