Happy Birthday, Baby Sister!

The Turner family (27 in the photo and some are missing.)

 My sister and I are the only children in our family. We are five years apart and she has always been my baby sister. We both had momentous birthdays this year--she is now 75.

 This is my sister at one of our family reunions. She gets up even earlier than I do--and she walk/runs for 6 miles nearly every day.

Today is her birthday. Wish I had a picture of her when she was little--she was so cute. She looked just like Margaret O'Brien who was a popular child star back then.

We grew up during the 2nd World War and I told everyone that my sister was a princess from Europe sent over to live with us to keep her safe. (I think she was the only one who believed my tall tale and for a while was convinced she was adopted.)

Later she got back at me by reading aloud a page out of my diary about a boy I had a crush on--she did this in front of his house.

Margie married even younger than I did and had four kids.

Really it's been a blessing because we've been able to now only know our grandkids but also our great grandkids.

Happy Birthday, Sis. I know you had your celebration on Sunday, but I hope you have a great day!

Love, Your big Sister, Marilyn


Indigo said…
Happy Birthday to your sweet sister. I loved reading about the various exploits from your younger years. (Hugs)Indigo

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