Some Questions About Books

This time I thought I'd ask some questions about books and give you my answers. I do hope you'll answer them too.

1. What is your favorite kind of book, fiction or non-fiction? Truly I'll read anything, but I read far more fiction. My biggest problem these days is finding the time to read because I'm writing and promoting all at the same time--and I have a life to live.

2. If you read genre fiction what is your favorite genre and what don't you like? I love mysteries, obviously, since that's what I mostly write. But I do like a good horror now and then, and yes, I read Stephen King, love some of his books and not so fond of others. What I don't like in any book is too much bad language if it isn't needed. The same with sex, I don't need to know how people did it, I have a good imagination.

3. What is the biggest no-no in a book you've read--or will actually make you stop reading that book? For me, if there are just too many glaring errors. I'm pretty forgiving because I find mistakes in my own books. If the story is compelling, I'll keep on reading. But if I can tell the writer really hasn't paid his or her dues--read a lot, learned about writing through books or conferences, and had the book edited--I'm probably not going to continue on.

4. What do you like best in a book? Compelling characters or a really imaginative plot?  For me, I like a good combination of both--and that's what I try to achieve in my own books.

Okay, now let me hear from you!



Patricia Gligor said…
1. Fiction, hands down. About the only non-fiction I read is to do research for writing my fiction. :)
2. Mystery/Suspense!
3. The biggest no-no for me is unbelievable characters. In fact, today is the last day for my post on the subject.
4. I like a good combination of compelling characters and an imaginative plot too but, if I have to choose, I'll take a character-driven novel any day.
marja said…
1. Like you, I'll read just about anything, but I prefer fiction.
2. Mystery
3. The story has to be believable to some extent.
4. I like a good combination, too. I'd rather not have to make a choice between the two.
Marja McGraw
Thank you Patricia and Marja, I'm not the least bit surprised that you have similar tastes when it comes to your reading material.

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