Cup of Demons

This is another Christian horror--published long ago but never available on Kindle or some of the new e-publishing formats.

Book Blurb: Is the inheritance Maginel received from her great Aunt Magda a gift or a curse? Haunted by ancestral ghosts, plagued by demonic creatures, Maginel flees from her home. Upon her return as an adult, Maginel seeks to remove the barrier that prevents her from marrying the man she loves, she enters into a life and death battle for her soul.

I've always loved good horror novels that are really scary--but never read any with a Christian element that wasn't Catholic. That's when I decided to write one. Ended up writing three, and this is one of them.

I do hope some of you will try it out--this is the best time of year to read scary.


Maginel had no idea the house she grew up and that had been in her family for generations was more than a curiosity. What she did know was that she didn’t like “seeing” creatures no on else could see and that these creatures wished ill for those she cared about.

It takes tragedy for her to come to terms with what is really happening in her home and to her and the realization that only a real encounter with Christ can bring peace as well as safety for the one she’s come to love more than life itself.

This book is not for the feint of heart or for those who do not believe that the spiritual world is not always about good. Satan and his minions are real, but the power of Christ overcomes evil when we come to Him.

A look at the face of evil and the power of Christ.

* * *

When Maginel Edward's Great Aunt Magda dies, the inheritance she leaves
Maginel receives is not of money or property, but a strange gift of
spiritual awareness. Plagued by terrifying visions of demons and the dead,
Maginel is sent away by her parents to live with her sister, where she
manages to escape from the specters and find a measure of peace.

When Maginel returns years later, she finds things much changed.
Troubled that she experiences horrific headaches every time she is in
church or around prayer, Maginel consults a local pastor and soon the
lines are drawn for a final, decisive battle between the good of God's
power and grace and the evil of Maginel's demonic tormentors.

"Cup of Demons" is a well-told, engaging story that explores a topic many
people would prefer to ignore. However, Marilyn Meredith tells a chilling
tale, which provides both food for thought and reason for prayer. Three

Craig Alan Hart
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