More about the 2nd day

To finish up yesterday, after a wonderful meal we got back on the freeway. Eeek! Portland drivers are scarier than L.A. drivers.

We saw accidents and almost became on. A car ahead  of us darted in and almost clipped another car and we had to brake quickly and almost got rear ended. Too exciting for me.

Finally we made it  to our hotel and checked in.

Visited awhile with Janet and Billie but it was n early night for me. I did talk to hubby on the phone and learned computer is still ill and all the other news at home. Read a bit of Wm. Kent Krueger's new book and then zonked.

Up and ready for another new day and anxious to meet readers at  Wordstock.



This is backwards, but I'm limited on this iPad. Scroll back to see day 1.
Carolyn J. Rose said…
It was nice to see you at Wordstock. Hope you survive day 2 of the Portland freeways. Next time you come I'll host you in Vancouver and you can experience being stuck in traffic during an I-5 bridge lift.
Thanks, Carolyn. I might take you up on that one day. It was great to talk to you.
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