Off on an Adventure

Over the years I've had many adventures and today I'm off on yet another.

Driving 3000 miles in a car with problems, a 4 month old baby, and barely enough money to make it.

Some of my adventures I've written about before, my first airplane trip with two babies and the plane had engine trouble and made an emergency landing in Phoenix and we had to board a new plane.

My first hurricane and left alone with two babies in an empty in a Norfolk VA motel with only the manager and a young housekeeper who babysat while I braved the wind and rain to buy me and my kids some food.

Second hurricane in Little Creek VA--it blew off the main door to our apartment house and we drove to the beach to watch the waves and to see the ship that was blown ashore.

Third hurricane in Cambridge MD where the house we stayed in was surrounded by water and our rent a car nearly floated out to sea.

Many airplane journeys to attend mystery conferences--one where we came in with a snowstorm.

A camping trip in a VW bus with three of our five kids from the West Coast to the East Coast and back again--and the bus wouldn't start on it's own--we pushed it to start every time. (And we did it on $500.)

First trip to Alaska and a visit a ride in a Suburban on a frozen river to get to and from a tiny native village.

Second trip to Alaska and staying with a Native woman I met on the first trip--and had a delightful time.

Today I'm leaving on a driving trip with my Oak Tree Press publisher to attend Wordstock in Portland OR.
Haven't driven so many miles in one day since making driving trips across country with my hubby years ago.

Will give a report when I'm able.

Should be interesting. See, you can still be adventurous when you're old.



Dee Card said…
And I love the fact that you are still having adventures. When I was little there was a sweet lady named Mrs. Karmidjian, who was a friend of my Grandmother. You remind me a lot of her. She was always planning the next adventure. Hope this is a good one.
So far so good. We got to Medford in one piece though we had a hard time finding a motel.
So far so good. We got to Medford in one piece though we had a hard time finding a motel.

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