Report on my big adventure

True to the title of this post it has been quite an adventure so far.

My publisher of my Rocky Bluff P.D. series and i left Visalia CA in a rental car and headed up the 99,  Before Stockton we crossed over to 5 because we were looking for some place to stop and eat. We didn't find a spot until after we left Sacrametnoo. Driing from Central CA to Northern CA gives one great perspective on how long thee state is.

We enountered fierce winds, so fierce a traxtor-trailer and truck were blown over on the other side of the freeway.

When we spotted beutiful Mt. Shasta we knew we were getting close to the end of CA. But...the road is windy and a bit scary at imes and goes on forever, it seems. Gorgeous scenery along the way

We finally crossed into Oregon. It was dark by the time we hit Medford and we needed a place to sleep. We saw all sorts of hotels, but couldn't figure out how to get into them. Finally found two that were full and were sent my the last one to another across the road and hooray, finally, comfortable beds.

More tomorrow.



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