And The Winner Is....

My blog tour for Spirit Shapes is over--and frankly, I'm happy to have some free time from promoting blogs.

Well, more free time though I'm still guesting on a couple more blogs this month, but it will be a lot less pressure.

If you followed the tour at all, you know I offered a prize to the person who commented on the most blogs. The prize being having a character named after the winner.

I kept track of every single person who commented... there were over 60 people. Several commented many times. However, there was one clear winner. She managed to comment on everyone of the 31 blogs--often getting there before I did to thank my host.

I've contacted her already and given her the option to be one of three characters in the Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery I'm writing now.

And now, hold her breath.

Drum roll please.


Congratulations, Kate!


Kate deserved it! She persevered even when some of the blogs were hard to find.

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