Bellman and Black by Diana Setterfield, a review

What a Curious Book!

It almost defies description because it doesn’t fit into any specific category. Literary as far as the writing goes and compelling when it comes to the story. Diane Setterfield is an expert at enticing a reader into following a not particularly likeable but extremely ambitious man through his life. Along the way grand descriptions of life, death and mourning during Victorian times in a small town in England propel the plot.

Always hovering in the background are the mysterious rooks. Included are many interesting facts about these blackbirds--one of the main characters throughout.

Not a book I would picked up on my own, (it was given to me by the publisher) nevertheless, I couldn’t stop turning the pages. The writing is beautiful--and the message clear--don't let anything come between you and your family.

This is not a book for everyone: Though called a ghost story, it really isn't. It doesn't have a happy ending--but the ending is inevitable. However, if you enjoy learning about a segment of history, reading beautiful, almost poetic prose, and clearly defined characters, you'll enjoy Bellman & Black.



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