Inherit the Dead, a review

Inherit the Dead is a mystery with every chapter written by a different famous mystery or or thriller author though the story is ongoing.

Private Investigator, Perry Christo, is hired by an extremely wealth woman, Julia Brusilla to find her daughter Angelina. Time is short, because not only is Brusilla dying, but in order for Angelina to inherit a large trust fund, she must sign the papers before she turns 21.

Perry soon learns nothing is quite as it seems, everyone who has anything to do with the case has secrets—sometimes shocking—and as things develop, Perry’s own past rears its nasty head. It isn’t long before he also realizes that someone is following him as he drives around New York and makes his way into the Hamptons and back.

Though the story moves along, I felt the continuity didn’t always work. However, the one thing I did expect, because I’m familiar with many of the authors work, was to recognize some of the voices, which I didn’t. There are some unexpected twists and an unusual ending and for the most part I truly enjoyed the reading.

(A copy of the book was given to me by Simon and Schuster.)




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